Assisted Living At It's Finest
Chaparral Rose II is a
unique residential
care facility for seniors,
ideally located in a quiet
residential neighborhood in
east San Diego County.

Our goal is to provide
superior care in a safe
environment for our
residents and to be
supportive of their needs.
We assist our residents
with daily living activities
while encouraging them to
be as independent as

Our residents are always
treated with respect and
kindness in comfortable
home setting.

Chaparral Rose II is a
home that provides 24 hour
assisted living care for six
senior residents, aged 60
and over. All rooms are
cozy and attractively
decorated. Our inviting
facility has a large family
room with a fireplace and a
covered patio overlooking a
spacious and shady

Chaparral Rose II is a
non-smoking facility.

Chaparral Rose II
A Caring Residence For Seniors
State License # 374601278
Marlene Larkin-Vowles
Cell: 619-972-3745